ALL men are created Equal...

All men are created equal ... some are just “more equal” than others! I have slogged through enough reports and hypothesis on FMCSA’s idea of commercial driver safety versus BMI or obstructive sleep apnea, I could put you all to sleep in a heartbeat! The proven and unproven theories and studies cancel each other out, but the focus and objective of the studies run a steady line, finger-pointing and placing commercial vehicle drivers smack in the crosshairs.

The beating of drums began back in the 60s and 70s when everything green had to be preserved, hugged, protected and conserved, be it one-eyed flounders, primeval forests or the five-titted-toads. In order to purify Nature and meet their psychedelic standards, mankind had to be eliminated from the equation at all costs, regardless of economics, stable communities or family survival. Disruption of natural habitat was where fur was rubbed the wrong way if you ask the tree fairies! Soon clusters of “Nature’s Redeemers” sprung up in every nook and cranny and in every manner of protest. Save this. Stop that. You all recall the upheaval.

That defiance, while cranked down a bit, has become more sophisticated and now conceals its preservationist theories with phrases like “global warming”, “cap and trade”, “earth liberation” and such. An outcropping of do-gooding, seduced an uninformed media into believing outrageous air pollution was produced solely by mammoth trucks, belching black smoke and surely spitting fire from the stacks, only nowadays instead of hippy sit-ins, the flower children of the 60s and 70s movement are governing the U.S. To paraphrase Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he are US!” Indeed he are! Getting rid of the “big rigs” became a goal as news articles began the danger chant, the air-fouling rhetoric. Manufacturers, not wanting to be thrown to the wolves, began to tinker and fiddle with the working parts and soon rigs were coughing their lungs out, plodding up hills and gasping for breath like fifty-year smokers attempting a marathon dash to the finish.

Manufacturers gained enough ground through improvements and technology to settle the jangled nerves and placate congress.

Black-eyed and noses busted, the anarchists decided a media blast threatening mass carnage of the population brought about by the unfit, slovenly, sleep-deprived, rule-breaking commercial vehicle drivers would put their ball over the goal line. And here we are today with our ability to guide the behemoth chromed-up beauties held in question, livelihood threatened and our physical health defenseless to the interpretation of “number cyphers” reading mass produced charts while lacking the ability to discern statistical data versus common sense.

Take BMI for example; if 17” is the magic number determining your neck size, the complexities of sleep apnea due to obesity and you are Pudgy Peggy who works the sideshow at Barnyard and Bully Circus that’s one thing. However, if your magic number is 17” and you are Mr. Atlas, buff, pumped and a bouquet of rippling muscles, that’s a horse of a different color. BUT, to Suzy the Clinic Chart Reader, 17” is 17” and she fails you with a big red “F”, takes your seventy-five bucks and tells you to lay off the quarter pounders without a thought or a care of how she just screwed you out of a job.

I stick by my previous commentary ~ if the driving population is threatened by a hazardously dangerous, commercial trucker with a 17” neck, then it is equally endangered by every 17” necked motorist including and not limited to those who carry guns, speed to accident scenes, transport ailing people to hospitals, deliver donuts, drive cows to water, touch up their lipstick while looking in a rearview mirror or work for Barnyard and Bully. There is an alliance focused on the elimination of commercial vehicles and their counterpart professional drivers irrespective of the impact that will have on the economy, job loss or transport of goods and services.