Capitalizing on violence

We’ve learned a lot watching the “Chicago style politics” of the Obama Administration in action, which is lost on media (in never pointing out, yet alone reporting this standard of operation over the past five years) and the general public (ignorance is bliss), not the least of which is their seizing a crisis as a moment to deter attention from the task at hand (i.e. spending within means, debt reduction, and leadership) and charging forward with the “agenda de jour,” which would otherwise be soundly rejected.

The latest is the Democrat’s interest in controlling, removing, and eliminating firearms, on the heels of the Connecticut grade school slaughter by a lone deranged teenager, horrendous, tragic, and pounced on as a “gun control” issue that needed immediate attention.
Yet this unspeakable tragedy occurred in a state with very rigid gun laws, on school grounds that had tightly restrictions on access, and executed by a child of responsible parents, with legal firearms under lock and key.

In the real world we see time and time again where a single individual, acting alone, is very difficult to stop. All the best plans, short of dumb luck, can do little stop the lone determined individual. This is sadly true all over the world: in Europe, in the Middle East, and as we’ve recently witnessed, within our own borders.

While all the fervor for action is directed towards guns in general, there’s a very loud quiet on considering the Television, Music (especially rap), Video Games, Media, and Hollywood’s overwhelming fascination with violence, funs, death, destruction, and mayhem in general.
The very people howling over violence, bloodshed, and guns whose favorite solution is eliminating firearms, in fact are inundating our culture with violence, and by the way profiting nicely from it... with no hint of shame and demonstrated disinterest in stemming the tide. While they love to portray this hypocrisy as art, the reality is its very good for business, and. all profit nicely. Their part in promoting and encouraging violence thus receives a free pass, just keep those campaign funds flowing to liberal causes and everyone is happy... better to chase gun owners then actually work at changing behavior at the expense of the artistic crowd.

Do as we say, not as we do.