Fifty-Two Days and Counting

Originally from California, Morgan has lived in various locales in Washington State. In early 70s his family settled in Moses Lake before returning to California and around 1997 he and his wife relocated to the Pacific Northwest. In 2003 he started his own over-the-road trucking business. I appreciate that he took time out of his work schedule to speak with me and discuss his political opinions.

While never having served in public office, he has held the position of vice president of a local gun club and is an observer for the Department of Homeland Security’s Highway Watch anti-terrorism/safety awareness program. His interest in serving as the state representative for District 20 stems from encouragement of those who know him well and feel that he could incite a needed change in Olympia; the rebirth of what is right, he calls it. Opportunity to run for office knocked at his door when recent redistricting of legislative boundaries left a vacant seat in the District.

Morgan believes there is room for new blood in the House and with it, creation of new jobs, retention of businesses in the state and solutions to educational issues. He stands firmly for a balanced budget, zero-based budgeting and debt limits. He’s no shy-violet when it comes to expressing his opinions and wouldn’t expect to change his brazen presentations and ideals should he be elected. He supports term limits of “ten years being plenty of time to serve”.

With fifty-two days left to campaign and the clock ticking, Morgan would like to get out more and mingle with voters; not an easy task when he is on the road the majority of the week. He is trying to work that kink out, but has also been plagued by typical campaign woes such as removal of his signs along Hwy 12 and he told me he has even had two death threats! His response to that, when asked was, “come get some”! I don’t know if that’s a threat or a promise from John, but it leaves one with a colorful and vivid image!

If interested in contacting the John Morgan for State Representative campaign, go to or call him directly at 360-701-5856. 

by/Sherrie Bond

(Sherrie Bond serves as Director of the Northwest Log Truckers’ Cooperative. She can be reached via email at