I ain’t scared of no hard work

Have you ever considered the effort made by some people to avoid work? Think about it for a minute or two. There are millions of able bodied people who go out of their way to sidestep being productive and carrying their own weight.

I’m not referring to just the “lazy slugs” out there, I’m talking about avoidance of anything that breaks a sweat! While I’ll confess to sidestepping tasks that I don’t particularly like to do, eventually I get around to the chore as I hear my Dad’s voice in my ear saying, “…if you do the hard work first and get it out of the way, you’ll always have time to do what you want”.

I’m kind of thinking the Legislature should follow the suggestion of my dear old Dad. It would save the taxpayers money and avoid special sessions that are becoming more the “rule” than the “exception”!

Heading into the 2013 session and screaming like a Banshee was the budget deficit. Every lawmaker, whether in the Senate or the House, knew the primary issue would be developing and passing a balanced budget. Because this is no easy task, they kicked the can down the road for 105 days and instead, worked to pass legislation like the ‘serving beer and wine in movie theaters’ bill. This is absolute genius and will work well with the Feds plan to change the legal intoxication level to .05.; perfect for law enforcement who can park in the mall lot, bust the tipplers coming out of the show, load ‘em in the paddy-wagon, decrease the number of DUIs issued and practically eliminate drunk-driving crashes all the while sparing the outrageous fuel costs of car chases! This is trumped only by SB 5774 authorizing applications for a special permit allowing “alcohol tasting” by persons nineteen and twenty years of age under certain circumstances! “Certain circumstances” include “tasting but not swallowing” by students enrolled in culinary classes, beer or wine technology or a “spirituous technology-related” degree program. Am I concerned about this bill? Not really, as I think 100% of nineteen and twenty year olds who want to taste liquor may not have the legality to do so, but, you can bet they have the means. 

My point in even mentioning this is as an example of bills birthed, while the budget deficit is still in labor. Roughly 400 bills passed and have either been signed into law or are awaiting the signature of the Governor. Those referenced here for example are among the 400. Of course, there were hundreds more introduced, that were stuffed in a gunny-sack and dropped off a bridge never seeing the light of day. Many of the bills are repetitious of past legislation that needs to be enforced not re-written. 

I believe supporting or introducing a bill for consideration is a legislative means of proving to constituents they are “nose-to-the-grindstone and working”. I view it as a waste of valuable time that could be spent on … yup, the pesky budget! This session there seems to be more contention between parties as noted in public whining in the Senate and refusal to work in concert across the aisle. Meanwhile the special session has commenced and the time-clock is ticking. Two years ago the cost of the special session was around $300,000 and predicted to be much greater this time around. (Keep in mind also that Governor Inslee emigrated from the “other Washington” where Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009!) 

The bell for round two has sounded and I’m hopeful the elected conclave isn’t scared of “hard work”, but I don’t want them to be so fearless they lie right down next to it and nap!


(Sherrie Bond serves as Director of the Northwest Log Truckers’ Cooperative. She can be reached via email at BONDTRUCK@aol.com)