Mirror, Mirror... Is this the Most Beautiful Woman in Trucking?

Owner-operator, driver, mom, wife are all among the list of words that describe Tina Comer. But as one of three finalists in Overdrive’s Most Beautiful Contest, she never gave much thought to beauty being another one of those words.

“It’s just so shocking to me,” says Tina, who hauls logs with her husband Robert as Comer Trucking out of Pollock Pines, California. “I just don’t see myself that way. I’m just me.”

Even though she had heard the wonderful compliments about her eyes and smile from family and friends over the years, it never occurred to Tina to enter any sort of contest that would recognize her for her attributes.

“I was encouraged by someone else to enter the contest,” explains Tina. “I was sent the link and told ‘You have to do this’.”

But the contest put on by the national trucking magazine was bigger than just a “beauty contest.” Tina, and others, saw this as a chance to represent the trucking industry that she loves so much. More importantly, the log trucking industry. It’s not a stretch to imagine that the outside world has a stereotype of what a trucker is, and that’s it’s not entirely flattering. Ask someone to describe a trucker and they might draw the mental image of the guy with a beer belly, stubble on his face and a dirty cap on his head. But trucking is a noble, honest profession just like any other made up of hard-working people who want to make a difference – and a living.

“What people don’t understand is that we really are just one big happy family,” says Tina. “We all have our own struggles, but when necessary, we’re right there to support one another. No questions asked.”

“It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are or whether you have a red oval or a Kenworth emblem,” she continues, “When it comes down to it, we’re all just family.”

But let’s be real, it has to be flattering for people to single you out for being beautiful. Every woman wants to feel beautiful.

“Of course it’s flattering,” Tina says with a laugh. “I just don’t think of ‘beautiful’ as a word that applies to me.”

“Do I do my hair? Do I spackle on the make-up?” she continues. “Yes, but I’m very uncomfortable going out without my armor.”

And that includes when she’s on the job.

“I at least start out the day looking good and feeling good,” she says. “I might look like I’ve been run over by my truck and drug behind it at the end of the day, but at least I know I’ve accomplished something.”

One of the other unexpected benefits of the contest is all of the new friends that have come in to Tina’s life to further widen that trucking family.
“It’s been so amazing to hear from people all over the country who support what you’re doing,” explains Tina.

It was just one such friend who broke the news about the two of them having made it into the top 10 of the contest.

“Amy Gladen was trying to call me, but I was out in the woods and couldn’t get service,” says Tina. “She was finally able to text me to say ‘We made it!’ It was so amazing to be able to share that with her.”

No matter what, this is an honor that Tina can share with her family. She’s showing that you can be a strong woman accomplishing whatever she wants with the added bonus of being beautiful while doing it. That’s certainly something to be proud of. But what does her husband think about all of this?

“He’s my rock,” says Tina. “He’s going to be proud and supportive of me no matter what I’m doing. He’s always told me that I’m beautiful.”
So what’s the next step? Tina will be travelling to Dallas in August for The Great American Trucking Show where the winner will be announced. But that’s not what she’s most excited about.

“I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful trucks!”

You can take the girl out of the truck, but . . . well, you know.


by / Darin Burt